Casework and Investigative Services

In many complex cases involving suspected handwriting or document forgery, there will be a requirement to carry out significant investigation of the available evidence to not only identify any criminal activity but to also establish the scale of the suspected activity and even to identify accomplices.

Questioned Documents Service are happy to receive enquiries for any casework and investigative services, either as sole providers where we have the expertise to cover all aspects of an investigation or to support and work with other team members on larger, more complex cases involving other investigators and forensic experts.

We can also provide guidance and management on strategy and compliance on more complex casework assignments to help ensure best use of resources, constructive and effective communication between team members and the best practices for producing robust, court-ready reports and testimony.

Please feel free to call us on 01904 567970 or get in touch using our contact form to discuss any casework or investigation services.