Handwriting Analysis

Questioned Documents Service provide a full service of forensic examination, reporting and court testimony relating to handwritten documents that may constitute evidence in court cases and criminal or disciplinary proceedings.

With over 30 years combined experience in handwriting analysis, we rely on a range of observational and scientific skills to establish authenticity, sequencing and relative dating of documents, entries and signatures in documents that may play a pivotal role in court cases for both prosecution and defence teams. These documents have included wills, cheques, poison-pen letters, ransom notes and other highly important evidence.

Results are produced in the form of witness statements and reports for use in a court of law and are produced in a format that can be understood by all parties.

We remain impartial and independent in all areas of our forensic examination and handwriting analysis work, balancing the needs and requirements of both sides of a legal case and producing evidence in an unbiased manner. We act as single joint experts, offering a comprehensive range of analytical services including:

  • Handwriting and Signature Authentication
  • Handwriting Comparison and Identification
  • Sequencing and relative dating of entries and documents
  • Identification and examination of printed documents, indented impressions, altered documents and paper and ink comparisons.