Questioned and Disputed Documents

At both the Home Office and as independent forensic scientists, Tony and Melanie have been involved in many investigations and cases where questioned documents have been critical evidence in very serious cases including murders, kidnappings, fraud, counter-terrorism, witness intimidation, drugs, money laundering and organized crime.

Forensic examination of disputed and questioned documents may provide proof of criminal activity by establishing forgery, the chronology of edits or additions to an altered document, authorship, whether documents are original or copies and many other potentially crucial revelations into the history and authorship of court exhibits.

All our work is independently verified by a second forensic expert to ensure appropriate degrees of certainty and credibility are achieved, and our processes are optimised for quality assurance and evidence integrity. Questioned Documents Service provide full criminal justice witness statements in accordance with the rules of Revelation for experts.

Our own credibility and experience along with the professional and accessible reports that we provide, are integral to our vital role in many successful prosecutions relating to questioned documents.