Corporate Fraud

Many organisations face fraud on a corporate scale, some losing millions of pounds. We are experienced in dealing with such matters and can help you manage the integrity of the documents evidence in your case

We provide a confidential service to our clients investigating internal misconduct or corporate fraud. This has proved to save thousands of pounds by avoiding costly tribunals or wasting resources/reputation on criminal proceedings.

Our credibility as experts and our values of impartiality help ensure you obtain all the relevant evidence in relation to the documents in order to progress your case or even steer you in another unforeseen direction.

We once dealt with a case of wrongful dismissal of an employee. On examination of an abusive handwritten note which formed part of the case against them we were able to show another employee had actually written the note by comparison with personnel records. This saved the organisation a lot of money for compensation for wrongful dismissal, minimised their reputational damage and more importantly allowed them to confidently dismiss the real perpertrator.