Mortgage Fraud

We are often called in to examine signatures, handwriting and documents to assist with allegations of mortgage fraud.  In fact this is probably the type of case we produce expert evidence in the most. We provide this service in both criminal and civil proceedings.

We recognise that original documents rarely exist in these frauds and are experienced at examining copy documents.

Sometimes, documents in these types of cases have been "manufactured" by cut and paste methods. Using specialised techniques we may be able to determine this has occurred and determine the original source of the writing. For example, in one recent case we found that the signatures on different documents were superimposable on one another. Since genuine signatures should naturally vary one with another, we were able to show that the documents were therefore forgeries and had been produced by cut and pasting the same signature on to many different documents to make them appear to be genuine.

Call us if you have a case involving mortgage fraud or you suspect a genuine signature may be present on a fraudulent document.