Signature Analysis Case Studies

In a recent case in Crown Court in London, we gave expert signature evidence as part of a fraud involving an elderly gentleman who had put his trust into the hands of his carer.

It is common in cases of this nature for the carer to be given control over the dependants financial affairs, including access to the cheque book. In this case the carer had taken advantage of his trust and written out numerous cheques to herself. She had then forged the elderly man's signature on the cheques, copying it from models of his signature she already had accesss to.

On discovering the large sums of cash paid out of his account, his family became suspicious and reported the incident. The carer admitted to handling and cashing the cheques but claimed the dependant had signed the cheques. On forensic analysis it became apparent that the signatures differed microscopically from the genuine signature of the dependant and we were able to provide very strong evidence that the signatures were forgeries.  The carer was convicted by a jury and sentenced to imprisonment.