Time recording abuse

Do you suspect that your employee(s) are not working when they say they are ?

Have you been accused by your employer of not working when you say you were or have had an expense claim rejected and now facing disciplinary actions ?

We have dealt with hundreds of cases involving allegations of time recording in employement and/or fees that have or have not been legitimately incurred. These range from hundreds of pounds to many thousands of pounds.

In one recent case involving a cleaning company, a husband was suspected of signing in for his wife on days she was in fact absent.  Because he was familiar with her signature, it made it easy for him to produce a passable signature without detection for many years.

Only a detailed comparison between his wife's genuine signatures and the suspected forgeries revealed the extent of the deception. We were able to say that she had not worked on many of the days she had claimed for, providing strong evidence towards her dismissal, his dismissal and the avoidance of unnecessary legal and employment tribunal costs.