Melanie Pugh CV

Melanie Pugh

Forensic Scientist

Questioned Documents Service Ltd, York Science Park, Innovation Centre, Heslington, York, YO10 5DG.

Tel: 01904 567970


A dedicated Forensic Scientist with extensive experience in providing expert testimony in the scientific examination of Documents and Handwriting both in the UK and internationally.

Professional Profile

  • 13 years experience as a court going forensic scientist for the Home Office
  • Trained at the Home Office Forensic Science Service
  • Former Steering Committee member and Secretary of the European Document Examiners Working Group
  • Highly experienced in presenting, training and mentoring others

Skills and Achievements

  • As an expert witness has had considerable experience at delivering information which has to withhold intense scrutiny both in written and oral form
  • Dealt with all types of casework involving disputed documents resulting in successful outcomes on many high profile cases, including undetected murders, terrorism and internal corruption
  • Lead scientist within the UK on "Black Money" fraud and has given evidence and provided consultancy to Law Enforcement agencies both in UK and across Europe
  • Undertakes civil and criminal casework and provides impartial, unbiased evidence to the courts

Employment History

  • Court Reporting Officer - Questioned Documents , Forensic Science Service (11 years)
  • Forensic Scientist - Drugs Identification, Forensic Science Service (2 years)

Publications and Conferences

  1. Analytical techniques in modern Document Examination – Regional Police conference, UK, 2007
  2. UK perspective on Black Money fraud – European meeting of Police and government experts, 2008
  3. Written, reviewed and published scientific best practice documents for use in European laboratories
  4. Recently coordinated workshops at European Document examiners meetings in Croatia and Ireland


Bachelor of Science Honours Degree (BSc Hons) in Analytical Chemistry, University of Wales


  • Undertakes full range of casework involving Questioned Documents.
  • Specialist in analytical techniques and interpretation, particularly ink analysis.

Security Cleared to SC level by the Home Office and Criminal Record Bureau checked